Awesome news on RJ Mahurin

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The All-MVC Level
Just doing some time killing online and found a Rockville basketball team info website ran by RJ's father and coach. Sounds like RJ's having an oustanding summer and making noise on the big stage. Check out this from the website:

posted by Coach Mahurin July 11

"RJ had a huge night last night and was interviewed afterwards by local media,, and His stock seems to by skyrocketing...but he is still firmly decided to go to ISU."

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nice find BB! we'll have to follow along the rest of the summer to see how he does. You have to wonder though, with RJ commiting to ISU, will the people from Rivals and Scout even consider ranking him as a 3 or 4 star recruit? Not that it matters too much, but it's funny how kids who commit to mid majors rarely are ranked high.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves...
RJ is a bit of a scorer but is too slow to be a 2 or 3 and a little thin and not strong enough to play a 4 at a high level in college.......he's either got to bulk up or do quickness drills....
Thanks Blue's fun to be able to track the progress and success of our recruits. And keep up the good work RJ!