B.J. Norton

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The Captain Level
B.J. Norton, or Bruce Norton, Jr., is at Indiana State (or at least in Terre Haute) but has had some trouble clearing the clearinghouse so he is not practicing yet. His father played in the NFL:


Dad's NFL Stats:

Dad has been inducted into Georgetown College Hall of Fame:

Bruce McNorton - Class of 2000
Bruce McNorton, Class of 1982, became Georgetown College's most successful professional sports product after a 10-year playing career as a defensive back for the Detroit Lions. While in the NFL he established himself as one of the Lions' all-time great defensive backs, helping Detroit to a division title in 1983. In that year, he also led the Lions and was tied for the lead in the NFL with seven interceptions. While at Georgetown, McNorton was among the nation's leaders in kickoff returns and set the Tigers' standard with 24 career interceptions - a record which remains nearly 20 years after his playing days.


The Odum Level
sheesh, where do you find out this stuff from? Would he be another running back for ISU, and if cleared by the NCAA, would he play this season or no?


The Captain Level
B. J. Norton

To answer your question, ISUCC. A week or so ago I was at a practice and a player with an dark blue athletic T-Shirt and shorts was jogging and then came over to exercise on the bicycle under the tent at the west end of the field for 8-10 minutes. After he left I asked another player who he was and he responded, "B.J. Martin or Norton. He's from Michigan but hasn't cleared the Clearinghouse yet."

Manned with that informtion I looked at an early preseaon roster and found a "B.J. Norton" with his high school. Then I went on a Google search

I do not know the answer to your questions but my guess is that he would not play this season since he has not practiced at all yet. He played both ways in high school.


The Captain Level
B. J. Norton Clears Clearinghouse

It is my understanding that B.J. Norton has cleared the clearinghouse and can began working out with the team this week. There may be one or more other athletes who have confronted clearinghouse obstacles. It is reported that a lineman from South Bend named Mike Palmer has been cleared recently, too. Both athletes have a lot of work to do to catch up so it is probable that they will be redshirted. However, if Coach Miles and staff feel the athlete can provide a major contribution, I do not think they would hesitate to use him, particularly if there is not much depth at his position.