BAD basketball vs. Drake

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The All-MVC Level
ISU's women are trying to duplicate the debacle they produced against New Orleans a while back.

Currently at the half Drake is winning 17-14, yep fourteen whole points on 21% shooting for ISU in the 1st half. Definitely not a good way to begin MVC play. Hope the 2nd half is better.

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now that's a little better

ISU wins over Drake

Coach must have said something to them at the half to get them on track. After only scoring 14 points in the 1st half they scored 36 in the 2nd half and won 50-38 (holding Drake to 21 2nd half points). 2 freshman, Mattox and Jarrett, lead ISU in scoring.

VERY good start for ISU, now they need to go out and beat Creighton this weekend. Congrats girls on the 1-0 start in MVC play.
I just read on the Trib Star blog that Leah Phillips is done for the season after tearing an ACL, this is not good for ISU, hopefully the young ones can step it up now.