Basketball Sycamores on TV

Have not seen WTWO schedule yet but the following games appear to be slated for TV so far:

12/13?Indiana St. @ Purdue, 1PM, Big 10 Network

1/4?Indiana St. vs. Evansville, 1:35PM, FSN Midwest

1/24?Indiana St @ Bradley, 6PM, FSN Midwest

1/31?Indiana St vs. Northern Iowa, 12PM, FSN Midwest

2/8?Indiana St. @ Illinois St, 7PM, ESPNU

2/14?Indiana St. @ Missouri St., 7PM FSN Midwest



The Odum Level
this is GREAT news, I have Dish Network now and can see alot of ISU games on FSN Midwest, the big 10 network, and ESPNU now. thanks for the heads up!


The Odum Level
After another sad season of football I sure hope the basketball team brings it on this year. I don't know if they have the talent to do it, but it would be nice to see something from ISU's athletics to get excited about.
Keep in mind that the Sycamores had three redshirts (6'10 Leitnaker, 6'5 Barlow & 6'4 Printy) last year who had the benefit of practicing with the team all season. They have added two experienced JUCO's (6'11 Crawford & 6'1 Reed) and three freshmen (6'7 Doluony, 6'4 Richard & 6'1 Cutter). The added depth should allow us to hold our own and implement more of McKenna's offense & defense plans.


Live games online on SycamoreVision

Hate to double post, but this information is very relevant for those seeking video coverage of Sycamores basketball. They also posted the upcoming live games schedule on the website, so you can see what games will be live online via SycamoreVision -

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The Odum Level
SycamoreVision is now 20% off (for the yearly package) for those interested, I received an e-mail today about it.