Bruce Weber to Missouri State ?

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The Captain Level
WOW. Bruce Webber would be foolish to go to Missouri State. MSU has the most un-realistic fans in the conference.

I can't see this happening.

By the way, there will be many suitors of Barry Henson if MSU let's him go. Barry is a good Coach and the MSU fans hate him. It's sad.


Hugh McAwesome
I agree. Hinson has been blasted for not taking the Bears to the dance. However, a couple of years ago they had the highest RPI of a team NOT picked to the dance. I think it was around 21. That was the year the Valley got four teams in and you just know (despite what the committee says) that they didn't think Blowhards like Billy Packer would ever let them give five spots to the Valley.

I still remember sitting at home watching the bracket come out and Packer going on a rant that the Valley should NOT have four teams in, and there were more deserving teams from the Big 6 conferences (all with losing conference records). Then of course, the Valley sends WSU and Bradley to the sweet 16 and (once again) makes Billy Packer look like a fool. Not that it is hard to do.....

Point is, there have been at least two occasions where MSU should have gotten into the dance, and if they had, Barry's seat wouldn't be so hot. If they do fire him, I would love to see them bottom out for a few years and see how many people start to look back on him with rose colored glasses.