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Is it me or am I correct in saying that we get no "home calls". I was begining to think the MVC officials had it in for Coach Waltman. Now I beleive the MVC refs have it in for us. Calls like two fouls on Jay in the first 3 min of the game kill us. We did not play well enough on the d-end of the game to win but a home call every now and then would be nice. Oh yea, the crowd size was nice but like everyone I would have liked to see more.


The Captain Level
There were some bad calls or "no-calls" towards the end of the Drake game. That is why Drake is 20-1.


The Kleuh Level
Driver's Seat Preference

Whenever a team is 18-1 and clearly the "cream" of the conference, there's an inherent bias or halo effect which prejudices officiating. It's common to any psyche.

To add to this disadvantage, INDIANA State must perpetually answer to national HISTORICAL - greatness, implications reinforced by great coaches, teams, individual players and MOVIES ("Hoosiers"), all which collaboratively define Indiana basketball from the OUTSIDE.

Doesn't matter if it's IU, Purdue, ISU...we're hoop ambassadors of INDIANA.

Out-of state teams salivate more when they chew on ISU because of PEDIGREE.:sycamores: