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The Odum Level
Can something be done about all of the spam and garbage posts we've been seeing in recent days? I'm worried it's going to get a lot worse.


The All-MVC Level
we've tried posting on "Ye old Sycamore Pub" bent, but to no avail.

the administators have given up, pretty sad stuff here.


It's a shame it has come to this but need a more strict login policy. One that requires a verified email address along with more personal information. It takes some of the autonomy out but seems to be necessary.


The Nicks Level
They would actually have to get on the board to see it. FireMedic was on ONCE last week, but I haven't seen Svoboda's name for months. Geez, I think the admins got mad that there weren't 7,000 posts a day on here, and gave up on it. Shame...:naughty: