Coach Miles........ Class Act

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The Captain Level
At today's Indiana State vs. Wichita State baseball game, you will see another display of the class of Coach Trent Miles. The football team will be in attendance to support the baseball team as they play conference rival and 5th ranked Wichita State.

If you recall, Coach Miles also had the team attend the men's basketball senior night. The entire team stayed until the end of a game that was not close.

The most class thing about Coach Miles is that he was the first person in line to walk to football team into the Hulman Center that night.

Coach Miles is really supporting the other sports. These efforts should be reciprocated. If he can get 40/50+ of his kids to go to these games, surely the other sports can get their kids to show up to the football games. In the last couple of years, it does not appear as though there has been much support amongst the various Sycamore sports.

My hat is off to you Coach Miles!