Coach West???

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The Varsity Level
Has anything been made known what Coach West's new role will be in the Athletic Department? Also, has anyone heard anything about the Football coach search...RP said a national search would begin immediately. :sycamores:

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The Captain Level
West Works for Hulman Center director Charlie Potts

According to David Hughes of the Tribune-Star:

"Lou West, who started this season as Indiana State?s head football coach before director of athletics Ron Prettyman announced Sept. 24 that he would be reassigned within the department, learned his new job last week.

"'West works for Hulman Center director Charlie Potts. He?s involved in event and facility management,' Prettyman said."


The Kleuh Level
West @ HC

You never know...he could become Cliff Lambert II. I wonder if Cliff-baby would've allowed the changes that RP's instituted (seat/scoreboards, etc.) without "conflict" with the multipurpose cultural values of the facility? :naughty: