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Being a fan that does not live in the Terre Haute area, I do not have a gauge on Coach McKenna and his staff's community building, if there has been any. I've stated in past posts, creating a community of people who are all behind each other based on character and integrity is the only way to truly sustain success. What has anyone seen of the coaches in the community that would support this? I've heard he's done some meet and greets, but that's it. Anything?:sycamores:


The Varsity Level
Big loss coming up at the end of this month

Indiana State, the community, and ISU fans will lose a good friend and hard worker at the end of the month. Brett Burchette will be leaving the ISU family. He has been a valuable asset to us all. Hard worker, great personality, and all around good guy are just a few words that define Brett. He leaves big shoes to fill.

Brett, Sycamore Fan on this board, we will miss you and your family. Best of luck in the future and don't forget us.