Cool ISU eBay find

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I would rather have the "current" helmet, but the throwbacks would be nice to have, especially the white with the blue stripe, since that is what they wore when I arrived on campus, only to switch the next year to the all blue, which were inferior to every school in the country and 90% of the high schools in the Midwest. Whoever said to go to all blue should have been dragged out behind Memorial stadium, tied up and left.:sycamores:
scroll down...he has the current, the 90's white (my favorite) and several others. :sycamores:
I've had this in my watch page for about 2 weeks. These have been on before. I don't know it they are made by the seller or by actual companies. Either way they are cool.
I've got the powder blue and white one on my entertainment center at home. I am going to purchase some of the others soon.