Creighton Recruit Goes Home........

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Creighton Recruit leaves school


Touted juco player Tom Whitehead, says he was pressured to quit and forced out...having his scholarship yanked

"I knew I would have to compete to put myself in a position to get playing time," Whitehead said Monday from Salt Lake City. "Even when he told me there was a chance that I wouldn't play much this year, I was prepared to stay...
"The more we talked, the more I felt he wanted me to quit. I didn't come to Creighton to quit, but it got to a point where I didn't feel I had any other choice."

Head coach Dana Altman says it was his decision "not to put Whitehead on scholarship for the 2008-09 season."

Whitehead is a very mature 23 year old who would have been coming in as a sophomore having already finished his 2-year Mormon mission, and turning down scholarship offers from Utah, Utah State, BYU, one ACC school-Miami, and Colorado State.

if you read the story, it sounds like the kid really DOES have a little beef with how he was treated.
He was recruited and offered a scholarship.
He accepted the schlarship from Creighton and signed his Letter of Intent.
He shows up on campus and begins workouts, but hasn't even played yet, and Altman, by NCAA rules, isn't even supposed to be watching him play!
Then the kid gets a letter in the mail, sent to his home in Utah when he is in Omaha, saying his scholarship has been yanked!!!