[December 27, 2020] Indiana State (3-2) vs. Drake (9-0)

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Sycamores shoot 19-49 (38.8%), 7-21 (33.3%) from 3, and 18-22 (81.8%) from the line. They had 22 boards (4 offensive), 7 assists, 12 turnovers, 4 blocks and 3 steals.

Drake shot 33-61 (54.1%), 9-18 (50.0%) from 3, and 6-9 (66.7%) from the line. They had 28 boards (9 offensive), 16 assists, 13 turnovers, 0 blocks and 4 steals.


The Wade Level
I usually don't miss a minute of the season. But this weird season with no fans, weird start time is just tough to follow. This basketball season kind of reminds me of the Indy 500. Was excited just to watch both, but once it actually started with no fans, etc. just kind of depressing. I realize Drake is good, but i'm just disappointed in our team, we're just not very good. Hope you're all having a good holiday season.


The All-MVC Level

The Indiana State men's basketball team struggled to keep up with the dynamic Drake offense Sunday, Dec. 27, falling to the undefeated Bulldogs in the Missouri Valley Conference opener 81-63 in the Hulman Center.



The All-MVC Level
Remember when playing in the CBI was supposed to help the program in future years....lmao I’m just messing, it’s a covid year, weird year to prepare for


The Sycamore Level
One day closer to the end of Lansing. Maybe we win our fan base back that has been dropping off for several years now. Sometimes it takes a total change. Love ISU but don't think any other team in the valley would have lasted this long with the same coach through year after year of mediocracy.


The All-MVC Level
I'm not too confident in our chances either. My gut feeling is that we play them somewhat close in one game and get blown out in the other; and lose both. Drake hasn't had that tough of a schedule, but I also wouldn't consider us that tough of an opponent and they've had no problems with anyone else so far.
I haven't watched a game this season but this kind of nonsense is so predictable. Same crap, different year. I gave up on being excited about our basketball team several years ago.