Depth chart

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The Odum Level
So it looks like Dowdell is starting. Any surprises here? I didn't realize we were keeping the 4-2-5 defense with five DBs.

ISU depth chart For Aug. 28


QB ? Chuck Dowdell Calvin Schmidtke or Matt Seliger

TB ? Darrius Gates Antoine Brown

WR ? Ryan Patrick Nate White

WR ? Koby Kraemer Broc Miller

FB ? Brock Lough Tony Morang or Tyler Williams

TE ? Josh Jones Alex Jones or Kye Butler

LT ? Janssen Hayes Jesse Wright

LG ? Evan Borchers Justin Wood

C ? Jack Byrne Corey Bichey

RG ? Pat Burke Mike Smith

RT ? Josh Jellison Matt Duke or Bill McGrath


DE ? Dan Millington Milton Redwine Jr. or Almondo Vick

DT ? Jon Goodrich Rod Hardy

DT ? Ben Geffert Nate Brown

DE ? Kevin Wilson Brandon Pence

LB ? Jayden Everett C.J. Cook

LB ? Quinton Scott Marcus Lewis

DB ? Russell Dedeaux Larry Carter

CB ? Mike Woods Julian Easterly

CB ? Kyle Monroe K.C. Wilson

SS ? Darius Middlebrooks Ryan Roberts

FS ? Donye McCleskey Alex Sewall

Special teams

PK ? Braulio Martinez Corey Varnadore

P ? Gabe Mullane

KO ? Corey Varnadore Braulio Martinez

H ? Matt Seliger Ryan Patrick

LS ? Russell Dedeaux

SS ? Jack Byrne

PR ? Ryan Patrick Koby Kraemer

KR ? Kyle Monroe Ryan Patrick


Seliger will start the game. But will be replaced wit Sckimdke. No Dowdell playing.


The JSW Level
hybrid defensive back is called.....

an Apache.

it's the same defensive alignment that dennis raetz coached back in the 1980s and early 1990s. It sent several players to the NFL, most notably Vencie Glenn, Wayne Davis, Dan Brandenburg, Ed Martin, John Allman and Craig Shaffer.


QB depth looks about right.....for now.

Schmidtke has the talent, Dowdell is an athlete. Better find ways to use them both to stay alive.