Do you have a 2nd college hoops team?

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Is that a trick question?

Here are the teams I follow and cheer gets difficult when they play each other but my bro's team is always #1 so I'll obviously be cheering against CU twice this coming season. Here are "my" teams w/ explanations attached:

University of alma mater...fear the Cowpatties!!!
Creighton...relative's alma mater and former work place.
University of Illinois...grew up in Chicago, lots of friends went there.
Maryland adopted ACC team when I moved to Virginia (lived there 20 years before moving to Creighton)
Sycamores...newly added this season.

If Creighton plays Wyoming I cheer for CU believe it or not. Maryland vs Illinois...very tough for me but Maryland may win out as I've been to more of their games live and despite Gary Williams being afraid to play the Valley, I find him likeable enough.

Oh, and teams I love to hate:
North Carolina
Colorado St
THE Ohio St U
Notre Dame...not sure why but it probably stems from Kelly Tripucka and is messed up afro. The only two players I've liked that came out of ND are Adrian Dantley and Orlando Woooooooooooooooolridge.
I have my M.S. from Wake Forest, so I root for them in BB and FB as well. They should have beaten NE a couple weeks ago too!
-Louisville, because of my home/residential geography...
-Evansville, because of my early-teen experiences growing up in Newburgh while watching Sloan & Humes...
-IU, because they've ALWAYS attempted to represent the BEST that Hoosier collegiate hoop could offer while utilizing the best that Indiana HS hoop has produced (of course there have been a few exceptions).
Close call

I follow ISU and Xavier equally, I am an alum of both (undergrad at ISU grad at XU) Plus my extreme hatred of Bob Huggins and growing up in South East indiana

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Besides our beloved Trees I also follow Purdue very closely. As far as teams I can't stand; IU, Duke, Florida and UConn