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Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level


A lifetime Bears fan.

We'll see if this thread gets any responses since the last thread I started was a dud.


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Tonight is the one to watch


Never thought I would cheer when Brett Farve got sacked, but yesterday was that time. Do you think the pressure is on Rodgers tonight in Green Bay. Being a life long Packer fan, you and I could have some fun this season.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Didn't see this until this morning and though I didn't see the game I hear Mr. Rodgers did fairly well last night after a slow start...I kinda like that they held court at home cuz I don't need the Vikings getting road W's. It could be an interesting year in the Black n Blue division.

We'll see if the Bears are for real when they go to Carolina this week...obviously Carolina now knows that the Bears won't be a pushover after this past weekend.