Drake Fans Brutal ?

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They were beginning to be up in arms after their exhibitions but after Butler beat them last night in Des Moines they are going ballistic:


They really didn't expect to go from the penthouse to the outhouse in one season and who can blame them?

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OMG, that's funny! Talk about a serious meltdown. I guess I would be pretty ticked, too, if that happened at ISU. Hopefully, they'll not march through downtown Des Moines with torches and pitchforks...:eek7:

Put those people on suicide watch!!!:krazy:
man, that was funny! I know we have people on here who complain, myself included, but for pete's sake, we're not complaining THAT much!

When expectations run high and things don't go well it's amazing the negativity that comes out, heck, read Salukitalk or the Bye-zun board whenever they lose, there are dozens of pages of complaints.