Early 2022-23 Roster Look

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The Starter Level
Saw him Saturday. Really puting in the work. Trying to get to 200. Said he had 10 pounds to go. Was so happy to be at 190.
Excellent!! I was thinking 200 in 2 years but him wanting to get there for the upcoming season is awesome news. Thanks for the scoop.


The Blue Level
I agree with this. Some idiot on MVCfans made the comment about how HCJS might want to recruit some Division 1 players after getting MCKnight.

If we are going to go the transfer route, I would rather have Div II all Americans and all conference players than JuCos or random Div I guys who never played on a P5 bench. They are highly skilled, smart players who come in with something to prove.
If there are guys as talented as Cam Henry available in DII, then cherry picking one or two upper classmen transfers a year seems like a good strategy.


The Blue Level
It's actually 79.5% returning if you go by actual points staying and not averages.
State scored 2184 points last season, 1736 return.
And every spot filled seems to be upgraded.
Looking pretty good on paper.


The Nicks Level
Still no new assistant coach listed? What are they waiting for. We all know who it is.
Don't assistant coach contracts run June 1 to June 1? If that's the case, look for a June 1 announcement. If that's not the case, I have no clue what the holdup is. The other guys are probably right...