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The Odum Level
MOST of the teams in the MVC are in rebuilding mode, it just seems ISU is in more of a rebuilding mode than the other 9 teams, (and has had worse luck) I don't think it should be that way, if ISU had a true leader (like Todd McCoy, as was mentioned in TG's article today) then I really believe ISU would be 5-5 minimum at this point. We'd all be alot more happy with that kind of record heading into the game tomorrow.

I mean really, ISU should have beaten NIU, North Texas, Murray State, and Ohio. Actually that would have given them 6 wins. I think if Harry would have been playing those games ISU would have won at least 3 of them.

but alas, we can't dwell on what could have been, we can only look ahead and hope that they win tomorrow and carry that momentum into MVC play, those are the games that really count.

And hopefully ISU is not the worst of the "bad" MVC teams this season. We know it sure as heck isn't going to be Evansville, the way they're playing now. I'm still hoping ISU will avoid the Thursday play-in game at the MVC tourney, but am still thinking they'll be playing that night in St. Louis.

Thanks for the research Blue!


And from the Southern Illinois message board:

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Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 12:12 pm Post subject:


Since we really have no shot at "AT LARGE" we just have to take our lumps, learn how to win and BAM we are Dancing.

I don't think an at large bid was ever a possibilty with this OOC schedule short of winning the MVC outright.

I think the schedule was always about building and improving to get ready to compete in the MVC and to be ready in March.

It is so many things this staff is dealing with having a majority freshman and untested team. many fans only see HS talent.

Each one of those freshman were the man on their HS teams and played if not all the game then most of it.It sometimes takes awhile to go from superstar with carte blanche to playing a role and being a teammate.

Many of the freshman are adjusting to not being the man and some are resisting the team framework.

It is great that this year we still have BMullins to rely on but our freshman especially the guards have to learn the mental toughness to run this program next year.There is not only a physical maturity needed to move from HS to D1 but more importantly there is a mental maturity that is lacking right now.

Sure the staff is using a tough love tactic to break the bad and selfish HS habits and to help develope maturity in thses young men and that takes time.When we stop seeing the sulking and pouting then the freshman will be ready to excel.Many of thses kids aren't use to the coach running the team because in HS many times its the superstar who are beyond reproach.Many are not grounded and focused but are extremely spoiled and it shows.

Some will never make it as HS excellance doesn't always equat to college success.

The majority of this team is 10 games into playing college ball.It is way to early to expect smoth sailing when there is so much work to do.


From Drake after their loss AT HOME to Stephen F. Austin:

That hurts.

But we played hard at the end. I wonder if we really played hard the first 30 minutes. Those who saw the game can let us know.

Sounds like we didn't (Templeton) know a two was ok at the end. Ran out of time outs.

Now we need to get back to improving and need a third scorer.[/quote]

I don't think the team played tough/hard until the last five minutes of the game. My thoughts:


1) They were having a tough time defending the post AND the shooters. Maybe playing some man-to-man occasionally would help spice things up?
2) Lots of missed layups; gotta put the ball in the basket when you are 2 ft away. Had Drake hit 50% of their missed layups, this is an easy win.
3) Better coaching at the end is needed. We should have been fouling a lot earlier (maybe with 3-4 minutes left). Instead, it seemed like they got some easy baskets at the end and some good hard fouls could have prevented that.
4) Phelps needs to get fired up. The officials missed a ton of calls tonight. That intentional foul call was garbage. Get in their ears! As a former player, coach, AND official, you gotta get fired up some times.
5) No more behind the back dribbling bullshat in traffic. That caused at least two big turnovers.
6) Adam Templeton, were you at the game? For as good as he had been playing, he was pretty quiet tonight.
7) Anyone besides Bucky and JY want to score in double digits? (we got spoiled last year with a starting line-up that all averaged over 10 pts per game; but c'mon, more than two guys in double digits would be nice).
8) Not a good free throw shooting night at all. Maybe they were a little tired from the night before?


1) Alex White continues to improve. He had some solid rebounds and played some good interior defense.
2) Josh Young from near half-court....need I say more? (he MUST hit those free throws!)
3) Craig Stanley had some good drives.
4) Bucky


Disgruntled fan at Northern Iowa, mad at the Coach:

Hey Jake...


You suck! I waiting until this morning to post this becuase I was so seething mad last night, it was rediculous. I feel sorry for the players on this team. Any good coach knows to adjust when something isn't working, don't just keep chucking three pointers for a horrid 18 percent!

And the kid I feel the worst for is Jordan. Here he is, staying with Jake and his big promises, and then getting the pi$$ing shaft. If this league isn't suited for a 7 footer, then Jake should have been honest with Jordan, and told him that flat out. Wisconsin wanted Jordan, maybe the Big 10 with their style of play would have suited him better. He could have followed Mac to ISU, maybe the Big 12 style of play would have suited him better. But no, he stayed here. I don't get it Jake, is Jordan like when your a kid, and you keep you best baseball card hidden under your bed because your scared to loose him? I don't get it at all Alford Junior! Keep clapping on the sideline at every missed three pointer and pi$$ poor shot selection. I've seen better coaching at the Boy's Club! I'M OUT!!!


The Odum Level
Looking at the overall standings heading into conference play, I think it's safe to say we're easily the worst team. And we were expected to finish what? Seventh?