Fave current player?

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For output vs. minutes played Adam Arnold is hard to beat. If he gets 30 minutes a game he most likely gets 10 or more rebounds every time out; a Jim Cruse like rebounder.

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
From the sounds of it I'm gonna have to take the easy route and say Gabe Moore...very good work ethic. Hopefully he leads by example this season and the younger guys follow his lead.


Hugh McAwesome
Fave Player

I like them all, but Arnold is the most fun for me to watch. Gives a strong effort every night and does a lot of the grunt work that goes unnoticed to often.

Hoosier Dave

Cole Holmstrum would be my pick, other than Aaron Carter who is just a freshman. I watched Cole play in the Junior - Senior All Star game against E Moore (PU), Eric Gordon (IU) and he played very well.


The Nicks Level
Gabe Moore, who has really become not only a great point guard and team leader, but also is a great young man.

Marico Stinson, who I believe could end up being the best player at State since the blonde bomber, especially with the more open style we expect to see from KMac.

Jay Tunnell who is a very versitile player with the most beautiful rainbow jumper of anyone on the team.

Oh heck, I really like all of 'em!!!