Favorite Lady Sycamore?

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The Wade Level
This is a VERY tough call for me. Who can't love the play and talent of Laura Rudolphi or the hustle and gut efforts of Kelsey Luna, Leah Phillips or Annie Bankhead. I'm also getting fond with Kara Schilli and Maria Olsthoorn. With all that said and my avatar you can probably guess I'm picking my girl Angela Phillips. She is extremly talented, a great leader on and off the court, very personable and down to Earth plus she's very easy on the eyes..lol....I love my Lady Trees and can't wait until Sunday! Who's your favorite?

P.S.: The more I get to know and hangout with freshman Kelsie Cooley, the more I like her. I think she'll have a very solid career at State.


The White Level
I seem to have a different favorite every year. lol I guess after the exhibition game on Sunday I will decide. I agree Angela is easy on the eyes but then again all the ones you listed above are too. Rudy has that great talent that is hard to match, Leah has a killer 3 when she is on, Kara I think is the best all-around athlete this team has seen in years, Annie is so much fun to watch with her up-tempo pace of play, Kelsey Luna is a natural born athlete and Maria can be a force for this team this year. I havent seen Kelsie Cooley yet but I am excited to on Saturday. Did I mention that if you blink-poof-Angela is gone?


The White Level
My favorite player has always been the last one who made a really good play - covers about all of them at one time or another.


Favortie Lady Sycamore

My favorite lady sycamore would have to be all of them, because they are all a big part of that team..so Good Luck this season too all of you...