Feb. 20th MVC standings

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The Odum Level
after tonight's games: (with remaining MVC games)

Drake 14-2 (at MSU, vs WSU)
Illinois St. 11-5 (vs Creighton, at SIU)
Southern Illinois 10-6 (at Bradley, vs Illinois State)
Creighton 9-7 (at Illinois State, vs Bradley)
Bradley 9-7 (vs SIU, at Creighton)
Indiana State 8-8 (at UNI, vs Missouri State)
Northern Iowa 7-9 (vs Indiana State, at Evansville)
Missouri State 6-10 (vs Drake, as Indiana State)
Evansville 3-13 (at WSU, vs UNI)
Wichita St. 3-13 (vs Evansville, at Drake)

this is exciting stuff, EVERY game means something to each team down the stretch here!! Would love to see ISU finish as the 5 seed and NOT have to play SIU again in St. Louis. We need Bradley to lose it's final 2 games!