[February 17, 2021] Indiana State (12-8) vs. Evansville (8-11)

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level

Indiana State Sycamores (12-8, 9-6) vs. Evansville Purple Aces (8-11, 6-7)

Hulman Center - Terre Haute, IN
Wednesday, February 17th, 2021
5:00pm EST Tip


The All-MVC Level

The Indiana State men's basketball team will finish its 2020-21 home slate with a 5 p.m. showdown against in-state rival Evansville Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Hulman Center. Wednesday is the final home game for Tobias Howard Jr., Randy Miller Jr., and Tyreke Key. Sycamores will honor the trio will be honored in a pregame ceremony and the traditional post game ceremonies will happen immediately after the game



The Menser Level
Hanging black curtains to hide the upper bowl would make a lot of sense for this game.


The Kleuh Level
Possibly to move the UE fans in attendance to the "thin air" section of HC? Aces fans are still pissed about this...;) But they probably don't realize that even ISU fans were treated the SAME way!



The All-MVC Level
Their fans are so full of s*** on their board. I posted on their board and let them know about it too. We literally have a whole section in the lower bowl designated to visitors. The only people our good for nothing ushers harass are the students. If they had tickets to sit in some other section no one is running them off and making them sit in the upper bowl. They're only sitting up there if they are too cheap or too stupid to sit in their lower bowl section. I should know, because I've sat near the visitors section in the HC for almost 25 years now. My father and I almost got into a fight with some goofball from Jailbird U a couple of years ago that came over to our section and tried to get up in our faces. Watching that program turn into a s***show has been a real treat. On a side note I've never had an issue with the 20 or so fans UE actually brings to Terre Haute.

Gotta Hav

The Newsom Level
Just wanna see Neese get his minutes tonight. He only played 20 minutes in the last game, and that was mostly jerked in and out time...no flow for a rhythm shooter like him...consequently, he only had 2 points.


The Odum Level
Cooper has had an awesome year... Lansing being stubborn and not starting him all the sudden is ridiculous. You gave him a 1 game no start message - moving on.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Offense is out of sorts. Floor spacing has been really bad. We've packed in on ourselves making it hard to get space and open looks.