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The Varsity Level
I put this post in the pro basketball topic line but I figured it would get more views here. Any info on former players, from late 90s to the past couple of years, and what the are doing now? Just wondering,


The Kleuh Level
Try these sites is good, slow to load but a quick review shows the following:

Nate Green is playing in Italy for Snadinero Udine (in the top league, SerieA); he'd previously been with Armani Milano (also in the top league)
David Moss is also in Italy; playing in their 2nd division for Fileni; prior to that he'd played for Polpak in the Polish top league (DBE)
Trent Wurtz is playing in Denmark in their top league for SISU
Djibril Kante is playing in the Argentinian top league for El Nacional Monte Hermoso; previously Djibril played for Univeridad de Concepcion in the top Chilean league (DIMAYOR)

Another site is; it has a lot of the foreign links/pages

A good read on the international basketball scene is: Can I Keep My Jersey?: 11 Teams, 5 Countries, and 4 Years in My Life as a Basketball Vagabond by Paul Shirley

Shirley played for Iowa State and spent time in the NBA, most notably with Phoenix; quick read and he'll have you in stitches


The Varsity Level
former players

I rounded up some info.
Marcus Howard is in Lafyette not sure of a career
Jimmy Metcalf is a assistant coach at Carmel high school
Terrance Avery is working at the prison in Terre Haute
Matt Berry is still in Texas, he transfered there after 2 years at state
Barry Welsch is in medical sales in bloomington ill.
Matt Broermann is in indy and works for coca-cola
Mike Kernan AKA "BIG FRESH" is married and living in Virgina
Russ Treadu is in Lafayette working as a salesman for ICON I believe
If anyone has any other info please pass it along, i am just curious