Free Pizza at the Ballyhoo

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I have purchased a small block of tickets to the Ball State game this Saturday to give to some of my business accounts. We are also inviting them to the Bally prior to the game for free pizza. I am also inviting everyone from this hoop forum to join us at the Bally from 5pm until game time to enjoy the free pizza as well. Thanks to the Bally for helping make this event possible. GO BIG BLUE!

ISU Women vs. Michigan State @ 2p.m.
Free Pizza at the Bally 5-7p.m.
ISU Men vs. Ball State 7p.m.

There is not a better way for Sycamore Fans to spend a Saturday. A great chance for alumni and fans to come out and support Sycamore Men's and Women's Basketball:sycamores:
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I was curious if I had to be 21 to get in to the Bally for the pizza. Didn't know if it was just a bar or if it had a restaurant in it too.