Golf Outing!


The Varsity Level
Anyone playing in the golf outing on October 10th at Idle Creek? I just got the info today and from the way that it sounds alot of the former players are going to be there which I think is just a great way to promote the basketball program. It says for more info to call Andrew Jones at 237-4002

I sure hope we can have a good turnout for this, have some fun and make some money for the program!!

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
What does it take to get an invitation to play?
No invite needed...from the site:

For more information, download the entry form from the men?s basketball home page on or contact Andrew Jones in the men?s basketball office at (812) 237-4002.


The Nicks Level
many people have but i know more that have not! so what do u have to say about that treefromafar or whatever the heck it is
Boy, do you know how to win an argument. Don't you have a test to study for or something, Cole?

Go buy yourself a life...

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
haha ever heard of working nights? I bet you have not, you should try getting a job, oh and i dont drink

You're telling someone to get a life in a post written at 4am on a message board for a team that it doesn't seem you care too much about...if you did care then you'd have some positive input but everything you post wreaks of bitterness and negativity.


The Sycamore Level
I am very familiar with it, so dont question my faith. I pray for people like you
I would never question anyones faith. I am not far enough along in my journey of faith to ever question another persons faith. You just appear to be very angry and bitter, and that is the direction I would look to get past that. I appreciate anyones prayers, and will pray for you also.