Great News!!!

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The Varsity Level
That is great news! We really need some more size to compete. How many scholarships do we have left? Does this rule out the kid from Washington?


The Menser Level
I thought technically we had another to give, but this may be a sign that Bouchie is going elsewhere, either by our choice or his.


Imagine the front line of Crawford and Martin. Our rebounding should improve exponentially, not to mention our interior defense. You can't teach size. I am inclined to raise my prediction of 18 wins next year, but alas, I will wait and see. (that's 18 regular season wins and an NIT berth.)

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Bouchie is still in the mix...Bouchie can play the four as can Crawford. Jay would be gone by the time Bouchie would be eligible so we'd have Crawford, Leitnaker, Isiah and Bouchie underneath. A solid bunch w/ Crawford and Bouchie having the ability to play the 4 or the 5...

All four guys can battle it out in practice for playing'll be good for all of them as they'll improve just by playing against one another.


The Nicks Level
With some more size, this kid has NBA potential. He's quick, and has nice fundamentals. With Josh and Isiah side by side, the lane should be owned by the Sycamores in the next couple of years, plus this will give Jay more ability to work as a forward, rather than as a center, which is where I've thought he needed to be all along. This is a great pick up for McKenna and Co. :bigsmile:


The Odum Level
instead of having "twin towers", ISU could be the home of the "quad towers", or we'd need some other catchy saying for all the really tall guys.


The Wade Level
Great pick up for the Trees! Like others have said, with him and Martin in the paint, we dare them to drive on us!


The Menser Level
I'm excited too, but I'm trying to temper it some. Remember, the next year we will add Doluony (with a 7' wing span) and RJ who was 2nd in the state in blocked shots as a JR. I think he averaged more bpg at 6'7" than Zeller and Coy did combined.