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The Nicks Level
OK, will the Return of Harry Marshall (I capitalized because if it goes really well, someone might want to make a movie...:bigsmile:) make a difference? Will Harry prove to be like Bob Sanders or Larry Bird, i.e. the effect he has on the team by playing? Can he single handedly lead us out of purgatory and into the promised land? Are we stuck in Friday now, and Harry will lead us to Sunday? Can I find any more old cliches to use?

Personally, I think the problems are deeper than Harry can solve. Golden was right in his column today. And, Bird hit the nail on the head twenty years ago when he said (and I'm paraphrasing, 'cause I'll never get it word for word), "We played like a bunch of women. We've got some great players on this team, but we don't have the guys who's hearts are in the right place. If we can't get guys to play with heart, it's pretty sad." (Yeah, I butchered that one, but the point is the same)

Will our Trees search deep into their souls and find their hearts? I guess we'll find out on Saturday...



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Valley Fan

Hey there Valley Fans. I just wanted to show you guys a pretty cool blog found the other day. It is a Creighton Blog, but it looks at each game in the valley with a write up on the valley team and its opponents. Here is the link if you guys want to check it out.


The Blue Level
I think it may be a stretch to think Harry will be the compound needed to com-bust this team. Yes, he will help but he is no miracle worker. Chemistry seems to be a big issue here. Well, one of them.


The Odum Level
There is no question Harry will bring some defensive intensity. Hopefully, he'll also give us better ball handling and composure given his experience. I think that's the difference between winning and losing in some of these close games, but agree that it won't be enough to solve all of our problems.