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Hugh McAwesome
Hard to believe the type of comments on the Creighton board from last night. Creighton needs to realize that starting 9-1 at home against lesser opponents doesn't mean you will cruise through the Valley. Second, at least give us SOME respect. You would think that we are as bad as our football team after reading the comments on the BlueJay Cafe. I don't think any of them said we played well or played hard (might have been one or two). They just bashed their own team. Can't believe the negative comments about Altman. Two losses and the man can't coach at all according to them. Isn't this the same man who they were crushed to lose last year and elated to gain back. How soon we forget? The mob is indeed fickle....


The Odum Level
I read thru those comments too, and you're right, they don't give ISU any respect, but rightfully so, as ISU has not been playing well the past few years. ISU has also started out well in MVC play lately, then after a few wins, played REALLY bad, i.e. long losing streaks.

I think a win against UNI, then a good showing at Drake on the 9th will start to get people noticing ISU.

As someone pointed out though, I like the aggressive play of this team so far in mvc play, they're not backing down, good signs so far.


This is an example of the fans mentality that "you are only as good as your last game". They did have a complete meltdown on their message board last night. Had over 5,000 views on the game thread; more than we had in attendance at the game. I went to their board after I got home just to see what they were saying and couldn't get on due to the overwhelming number of people trying to get on also. I finally got on about 10:30 just to lurk; no way in hell I would have posted anything over there last night. They were totally brutal towards Altman & armchair coaching to beat the band. Sure are a lot of armchair coaches in Omaha? Would not hesitate to say they have been spoiled for several years.


The Nicks Level
Not to tempt karma or anything, but does anyone else wonder how much of Creighton's success over the past decade can be attributed to the guy now sitting on our bench? I have to admit that the thought has, very briefly, crossed my mind...:meditate:

We certainly are due for a hire of the "real brains" behind an operation like that...

Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
It's the same every year over at the Cafe...one or two losses and they throw players under the bus, call them out...resort to name calling. I get called out for wearing blue collared shades and asked why a person can't express their opinion on a message board.

Expressing your opinion on a message board is fine...it's when you start the name calling and calling out people who you know that gets to me. I know CU players work their tales off...I know that ISU players work their tail off. It's what their coaches teach...effort and hard work. Some people can't see past that last game though...they post just after the loss which is the worst time to post.

If they only realized how much work/effort the kids put out during practices...and it's not like they're trying to play poorly in a game. It just happens sometimes...things don't click, shots don't fall. It happens...CU fans are very fickle indeed.


The White Level
What the Jay fans fail to remember is that the Sycamores have beat CU at least one game each of the past three seasons. I just think it is hilarious that this year they're even more upset because it was their past assistant coach that did it to them. I've been talking to some freinds that are CU alums the past couple days and they are ready to slit their wrists over this game. Unbelievable!