Helllo???? Anybody Awake In Here?????

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The JSW Level
hey folks...anybody there???? no new threads???? no chatter???? no talk????? is there any excitement out there for indiana state????? hello???????


It's hard not to be excited about the upcoming Sycamore football season. The excitement Coach Miles and his staff have has brought new life into the program. It is also very exciting to see the roster of upcoming talent coming to ISU. All of them recruited in an extremely abbreviated recruiting season. Yeah they are frosh but I guarantee there are some impact players coming in. With the neutral attitude the bigger schools have toward the vast majority of top Indiana high school talent the potential is their to get some of Indiana's best. This group along with some blue chip transfers looking to play right away and we could have a good mix. Yeah there will be some growing pains this year but we are headed in the right direction. Six of the recruits are playing in the North South game next week in Indy and it should be fun to watch the future Sycamores in action. Fear the Trees!!!


The Odum Level
I'm really excited about the upcoming season. Probably more than I have been since the first year West was brought in and I actually thought things were going to improve. I'm trying to be realistic about the season record though given that our schedule looks pretty tough. A cupcake opponent in the non-conference would be nice and maybe a home game for a change!


This year will be no better than the previous 3.

Next year is when you can start to judge how well Miles is doing.