I don't like our football helmets.


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How about some throw back uniforms in pink and white.
Why not, we only went 1-3 during that era (1896-1898)

Season Coach W L T Gms
1898 Fred A. Dubridge 1 2 0 3
1897* Unknown 0 0 0 6
1896 Unknown 0 1 0 1

* results of gms vs. Terre Haute High, Butler, Plainfield Acad., Paris High, Danville Normal, Vincennes Univ are unknown.


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Thanks for posting the photo. Looks like the helmets have the matte finish that's been all the rage for a few years now. I don't quite get their popularity myself. I guess it's just something different.


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I'm also not a big fan of when the helmet is a matte finish but the logo is still glossy. Don't want to be overly criticial though. It's something fun, different. I don't have a problem with that.


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Sycamore Proud

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I also liked the white from last year. That said, I feel there are enough reminders of last season to keep it fresh in everyones mind. I kind of like the change for that reason. Keep the whites--maybe we can alternate for special occasions. Either way, it's better than black. JMHO.

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What we think doesn't really make a huge difference. I am not overly fond of the matte finish but hey, if the players like them and the win all their games, I guess we can live with them. If they lose a few, then we can bitch about them. I do agree with Syc Proud (that's a shock), the white looked really good. We'll see how great they look (or not) in now 39 days).

Jason Svoboda

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Anyone for an oldskool model? I really like this logo and think it should be brought back, looks great on the helmet. I dug the old logo from an archived media guide from the early 80's and had to recreate the "S" in AutoCAD. I now have it layered in Gimp for future mods.

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Grey and Royal version

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James, do you happen to have these logos in a bigger format that scales? I was just hunting an old HD and found my old big helmet template.


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That S logo is definitely way better than what we currently have and what we are apparently going to have. Looks pretty awesome on the football helmets.

Edit: Going to use that helmet as my avatar now. Thanks!
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