I'm at the Missouri State football game


The All-MVC Level
First impressions:

The stadium is extremely nice. Kind of reminds me of a smaller version of IU's stadium without the end zone seats. ISU should 100% copy what they've done over here and just add 25 rows of seats on the other side of the stadium.

Our flag is flying over here and it's not the new awful logo yet.

I could have made copies of the ticket I printed on my computer and brought a couple of friends since they don't scan them.

They had every other row taped off. You have to wear the mask when out and about, but it's optional in your seat. Looks like they leave 2 seats between you and the next group.

I'm in the top row under the press box at the 45 yard line. I guess I'll root for our conference foes tonight. It took 6 hours to get here, but I'm glad I did it now that I'm over here. First game between MSU and Central Arkansas was a 7 point game so hopefully this one is just as good.


The All-MVC Level
Why did you go? Relative playing or just that curious to watch a game there?
I just wanted to go to a football game this fall. I figured I'd go watch someone I'm interested in. It was worth it in a weird year like this one to go do something kind of normal. I might consider going back if we have a good chance of actually beating them.

I sometimes go watch other schools in the MVC and OVC if it's within roughly a 3 hour trip from T.H. This was definitely farther than usual.