Indiana State vs Eastern Illinois

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The Sycamore Level
I hope we come ready to play because Coach Sallee's troops are pretty good. I, for one, will be in attendance to watch the Sycamores win this one!


What the heck no video feed for the second half of the game. Why would we expect anything different. You would think with all of the holiday hype they would get it right:mad:


Sycamores win 65-51.......................................


Nice win

Evidently Eastern was missing one of their better players with an injury but it was still a solid win. We used more players and the depth made a difference. The game changed in the first half when we started pressing them and got several turnovers. EIU dared Cooley to shoot the ball throughout the game and she knocked down shot after shot. Schilli had a good game defensively and on the boards and we showed a lot of patience on both ends. She also hit a couple of mid-range shots, giving some unexpected offensive contributions. The rebounding fundamentals were much improved. We won the battle of the boards, particularly in the first half (20-12). Down nine with with 1:30 left, Sallee chose to throw a tantrum, get a technical, and basically conceded the game. They did not foul or trap during the last two minutes to stop the clock. They were actually complaining about the foul calls late, when actually the fouls were their only hope to get back in the game. I think there was definitely a level of frustration based on the fact that they really thought this was the year they would beat us. They didn't score in the last 3+ minutes. Luna was reportedly playing with the flu (update: the TS article says she threw up on the bench and was originally going to be held out of the 2nd half) but got 13 pts, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 steals! Now a quick turnaround for KSU.
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The All-MVC Level
congrats on the win! This is a good win and will hopefully be backed up by another win today against a very good KSU team. Hopefully Luna will be ok to play tonight. It's amazing what can happen when you win the rebound battle, let's hope this trend continues the rest of the season!

Good job girls!



The Sycamore Level
Wow, was Cooley on fire or what? I feel confident that this will carry over to today's game. Way to go!

Coach Sallee was definitely frustrated. A very good coach who I think too, believed they would get the "W" this year. Got a pretty good pic during his tirade that I will post later.

Luna did play sick and what a gutty performance she gave. I hope she is feeling better for today's game as well.