Indiana State vs. Evansville

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The All-MVC Level
this is a very important game for the girls, with Mattox out it's going to be critical to win at home. Currently they're winning in the 2nd half 44-34, need to hang on to this and stay in 1st place in the MVC, assuming Illinois State will handle SIU today.

The other game is MSU at WSU, so someone will get their 2nd MVC win today in that one.


The All-MVC Level
ISU wins

Evansville came back and took a 2 point lead in the 2nd half, but ISU's players never wavered, came back, and won by a 66-59 score. ISU is now tied once again with Illinois State at 6-1 in MVC play. ISU is also 10-8 overall now.

Illinois State beat SIU pretty easily today too.

The next 3 games are going to be VERY difficult though, all on the road at UNI, at Bradley, and at Illinois State.