interview w/ FB coach Miles

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Well, he certainly says all the right things! If he can translate that into wins, that's great. One thing I was impressed with addressed a problem that ISU has had for too long. He said that the goal at ISU now isn't to compete in the Gateway. It is to compete to win the Gateway. For years, ISU has spent too much effort trying to compete, rather than to win. I hope he can change that. Sounds like he's got the vision...

Coach Miles brings something to the program that nobody has brought for a long time, "He believes in the Trees and he loves the University." The staff is being compiled of ISU guys. This is what we needed.

For the last couple of years, I would watch the Sycamores come out of the lockers with no intensity. They often did not look like they were getting ready to play a Division IAA football game. The biggest thing that Coach Miles brings is intensity. I believe that getting the team to believe they can win is the difference between getting beat by 50 and getting beat by 10. If we close that gap, we will win some games.

Go Trees!