Is HCJS son joining as a walk-on?

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The Green Level
That is the expectation of every walk-on AND scholie player... be they nephew, son, cousin or uncle

contribute in the way the team needs and be dedicated

not sure of the "coolness" factor... I can only think of two ISU coaches who were at ISU long enough to coach a child...

Bob Warn and John McNichols...

any others?
I'm not sure why it matters but I think Dennis Raetz was a football coach for nearly 20 years here in some capacity or another. Not sure if he ever coached his son Mark or not but I believe Mark played football for ISU.
I think Mark played at Air Force. He was a few years younger than me.

Tim McGuire coached one of his sons I think

Mallory's son is on the team now


The Kleuh Level
Jesus dude. I’m talking about the coolness factor as a father and son. Not sure if you have kids, but coaching my son is one of the highlights I have as a father. I’m sure Coach Schertz feels the same.

And I've ready plenty of stories, listened to many coaches say they would never coach their son b/c of all of the intended, unintended issues both within the family AND outside the family.


The Sycamore Level
Mervis got more time here on the court than most walk-ons usually see. He also got most of if not all the same perks as the rest of the squad i.e. road-trips, meal table access, shoes etc. Most of all he surely sharpened his game enough to get a good role at a lower level. He or we should not have any regrets or spite about movin' on.


The All-MVC Level
And Sanford left to be an assistant coach under his son. Rather unique....unless your last name is Alford