Is the Athletic Department promoting

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tommorow's game against Vanderbilt in the community? I'll be there, just wondering if they are promoting it. Vandy has a really good team, should be a good judging tool for how the Ladies will fare this year.


The Varsity Level
According to it's $1 ticket night.

The men play Butler on TV. That will probably hold attendance down some.


I plan to attend the ladies game with Vanderbilt. Not often will get a team of that caliber in Terre Haute on the home-court. I will probably carry a radio and for sure will tape the men's game at Butler so that I can watch later (much later that night if we win; the next day if we lose).


The White Level
I plan on going to the ladies game and taping the mens. Hopefully both teams can bring home wins. The men looked good last week and hope they continue to play good on the road. By promoting $1 tickets tomorrow I hope this brings in a huge crowd because we will need all the noise we can get. This is a national ranked team that our ladies hung around with last year on the road so a home win would be huge. We need to win the battle of the boards to even be able to stay with them.


The Odum Level
Sure would be nice if BOTH teams could get wins over top 25 teams on the SAME night!

That has prob. never happened.