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sycamore fan

OK...I'll bite. You want some real issues that typify why ISU stays on the not-for-prime-time status? Here's one...

How about the fact that our team rarely ever gets to practice in Hulman Center? How many big time programs get kicked out of their own gyms on a regular basis? I would assume that doesn't happen at Purdue, IU, or Notre Dame. could also throw in Marian, Franklin, and DePauw for that matter. At least they can practice on their home floors.

During the season it's common for our team to end up practicing at the Terre Haute Boys' Club, a local high school, or Rose Hulman. What's the deal?

Can you imagine the impression watching practice at the TH Boys' Club makes on visiting recruits. Let's see...I could work-out in Assembly Hall, Mackey Arena, or ... the Terre Haute Boys' Club. I wonder where I should go?

As bad as things are for work-outs during the season, they're even worse in the summer. Most would assume our star players have access to their gym, shooting hundreds of jumpers at HC as they prepare for the next season. Not the Sycamores...they're toiling in the un-air-conditioned arena...when they can get in. Heck...this summer Coach McKenna had to rent the recreation center for his team camp! He had to RENT his own facility. You've got to be kidding me!

Back to the topic...I can't really understand why Hulman isn't open. Do they ever host anything else there anymore? I remember the old days when Kiss was there about twice a year. Good ole Donnie and Marie, Sweet, and Elvis graced the stage back then. However, I can't even remember the last concert I heard of in TH. Why is it so hard for our team to get in?

It should be rare that the Sycamores don't practice in their gym. We should be there daily, interrupted only by the very rare exception. However, if HC officials can't open their doors for the team, we ought to consider renovating the old arena or building a new gym dedicated for the use of our basketball teams.

If we want big time results, treat the team like a big time program. Actually, just give them the same opportunity that NAIA, high and middle schools get...give them a gym they can get into once in a while.

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The Blue Level
Sycamore fan, you must be close to the program because this is what I have been trying to allude to before. ISU's woes go MUCH, MUCH deeper than coaching staff's, players, schedules, etc.

True Blue

The All-MVC Level
It maybe that way now, as far as team practice, but it was not that case in the Renn/Menser days. I worked at the Hulman Center when I was in school then and they practiced at the Hulman Center almost everyday. Unless we were setting up for something else, or a women's game was going on that night, which they still practiced there before the game most of the time.

Also, the other teams we are playing practice during the morning of gameday at the Hulman Center. In fact, the Wichita State coach kicked us out during there practice. We were being quiet but I guess he thought 3-4 students with mops were actually scouting his gameplan.

Lights Out

The Sycamore Level
Wow, I didn't realize that was the case with the facilities. Is the Boys Club even a regulation sized court? The sycamore fan should know a regulation sized court when he sees one.

Anyways, I think the new President realizes these issues need to be addressed and I am sure he will do his best to make sure the Sycamores succeed. It would be much easier if Coach McKenna were the Superintendent, Principal, and Head Coach. Then he wouldn't have to answer to anyone about anything!!


So when in he** did this situation begin? Granted I haven't been to a practice since McKenna arrived but I did occasionaly stop by during Waltman's era and they were ALWAYS in the Hulman Center. I had no idea this had changed and why it has changed? I suppose the excuse is they need ushers on duty to control the crowd or some other lame excuse. This probably also relates to why it is hard to buy a ticket to basketball or any event except during "normal business hours"?


The Blue Level
Even during the Waltman era they had to go to the boys club to practice sometimes. 2000 when preparing for the NCAA tourney some thing was scheduled in Hulman Center (the season was of course supposed to be over) so they used other facilities. The arena is too hard for them to want to use. Not good for joints and knees.

Royce also had to rent the facilities for his camps too. This is not new. Actually, he had to take vacation to have camps on his time.

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The Kleuh Level

What happened to the hardwood floor in the Arena?

We've had headaches "sharing" HC since it's opening almost 35 yrs. ago. The problems were further confounded by current TH City Councilman Cliff Lambert, who managed the facility and restricted any & all efforts to portray it as a "basketball-only" facility, thus stunting the marketing & imaging tools that generally are used to inject ENTHUSIASM and convey TRADITION & HERITAGE.

Did I read the TH Trib-Star correct...ISU is practicing @ Depauw before departing for Lafayette/Purdue on Saturday? :evileye:


Excuses excuses. Are we really blaming our performance based on where we practice?

The boys hardly ever practice anywhere but the Hulman unless there are girls games that day (as previously mentioned). Open gym is sometimes held in the arena, but that is without coaches present and that's scrimmaging before season even starts. Very seldom do they practice at the Boys and Girls Club. Mostly open gym or individuals. During season, they will be in the Hulman.