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The Varsity Level
I say welcome aboard!!!!!! Sounds like a great get! I can't figure out why a coach would cut a freshman with those averages? I say thank you to him!:krazy:


The Blue Level
When you're in a position where you're supposed to build character and instill values into these players, these guys were treated very unfairly," said Lathan's father, Dwayne Lathan Sr. "All (my son) has done is eat, drink and sleep basketball. Dwayne loves that school. He loved Tech so well. He was loyal to that program ? as loyal as any player in the nation.

Beware Mr. Lathan Sr. our coach handles players with the same sense of style as your former Coach Rupp.


The Captain Level
Hooper if you do not have anything positive to add to a conversation, don't add anything at all. K'mac made one cut, ONE, and all of a sudden he handles players the same way a guy who cut nearly half his team does. Your posts reek of anger and hostility from someone thats very close to Cole. We're sorry that Cole was cut, however, it happened and everyone needs to move on to future things.

Ramblings about past things that only conjure up bad feelings do nothing positive for OUR school. If you have a personal vendetta against coach fine, just please don't bring it here. We need to promote our school in a positive manner whenever possible.


No, just continuing to grind your axe. Go away to the IU board (lot to talk about over there about player "movement") Don't need your personal vendatta remarks over here.


The Blue Level
Sorry, I have been a Sycamore for the last decade and a half. I don't intend to stop now just because I don't care for the way this coach chooses to treat his players. I guess that means I'll still be a Sycamore in the next decade and a half. :)

As for a sense of intitlement, alums have the right, or obligation in some cases, to post.


The JSW Level
good luck....

in finding a college head coach in any sport who doesn't trim their rosters by asking players to leave, for whatever reasons. it happens all over the country, even at places like iu and notre dame. and remember, scholarships are not for four years. they are one-year renewables. scholarship decisions are made at the end of each season in all sports. just because you have a scholarship one year doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get one next year. those are the ncaa rules. non-student athletes are not asked back all the time for failure to meet academic standards or for off-campus indicidents or just because they're not a good fit for the university. that's just the way it is.


The Odum Level
Speaking of IU, you know they'll be cutting guys next year when Crean finally gets a chance to recruit and needs to open up the few scholarships they'll have left.

Really like what I've read about Lathan.