ISU at Arizona

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The Odum Level

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if anyone finds a live stats link or even a radio link for this series, please post it, I have not found one yet.


and is Arizona 2 or 3 hrs. behind eastern standard time??

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that cstv link does work now, so live stats are available for the weekend series.
with as many west coast kids as ISU has on it's team, you'd think there might be some ISU fans at this series??

no score in the 2nd inning.

ISU scores 1 run in the 2nd, shoulda had more but the hits came at the wrong time.

at least we know it won't be a shut-out tonight.

1-0 ISU leads
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oh well, that didn't last long, 3-1 AZ after 2, one of those runs was unearned as ISU's 1st baseman committed an error to allow an extra run to score.

it'll have to be a comeback win for ISU tonight.
1290 AM usually carries some of the baseball games. They also carry the women's softball games too. Haven't checked out which games they are carrying this weekend.

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1290 currently has the UA-UCLA softball game on. It's the bottom of the 5th so they could still have tonights baseball game on, but I doubt it. Usually they only do one or the other. Since 1976 the baseball team has 3 NCs. The last in 86. The softball team has 8 NCs, with back to back NCs in 06 and 07, so often they get the priority. They'll probably have tommorows baseball game on.
Well so much for the game tommorow. 1290 just said they will be covering the UA-UCLA softball game again.
not off to a very good start in game 2, AZ leads 2-0 in the bottom of the 3rd, ISU batters have struck out 6 times already. Can't solve the Arizona pitching.

live stats link is working.
bottom 5th, still 2-0 AZ leads, ISU having NO luck at the plate, 8 ISU batters have struck out, including 3 by Shoemaker, who usually hits pretty well.

ISU has been getting baserunners aboard, but can do nothing to get them home.

Shelton not doing too bad, gave up one HR and a double for an RBI, otherwise, close game.

You'd think as close as ISU has played in some of these games against top 20 teams that they'd eventually win at least one of them.

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good grief, ISU wastes a good scoring opp. in the top of the 6th, with runners on 2nd and 3rd but can't get anyone home. TEN strikeouts for ISU hitters, gotta be the altitude, huh??

Still 2-0 in the bottom of the 6th.
Game 3

game 3 is underway, gametracker is working.

Let's hope ISU doesn't wind up with 14 batters striking out today.

can anyone else believe UNI is leading the MVC baseball race?? They shouldn't have even won the ISU series in TH.
finally some good offense from ISU in the 1st inning, 3 runs score on a bases loaded triple from Brumagin.

ISU leads 3-0, but it won't be enough, ISU will definitely need more than those 3 runs against this team.