ISU at Ball State 4/15/08

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The Odum Level
bad pitching and errors are rearing their ugly head in this one,

9-9 in the 8th inning.

well, that didn't last long, ISU scores 4 in the 8th, now 13-9, come on pitching, just once hold a lead!!

Who are we kidding?? BSU ties it at 13's in the 8th, unreal......
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The Captain Level
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise in the words of Ernie Pile.......State loses in the 10th on a Walk-Off Homerun after giving back the 4 run lead they took in the top of the 8 in the bottom of the same inning.



The Odum Level
I mean really, should we be surprised that this happened?? ISU blows not 1, but 2 huge leads in this one.

If I were Meggs, I would fire the pitching coach (like right now) and be recruiting some dang good pitchers for next year. Has ISU ever had this bad of pitching in it's history?? Their team ERA is one of the worst in the NCAA's. Last season's team, which was NOT a good team at all, would just kill this team I'd bet.

The only thing ISU is playing for now is to get to the MVC post season tourney, because they sure aren't going to make it to .500 this season. Sad indeed.