ISU at Ball State

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The All-MVC Level
ISU down 40-38 at the half, I thought the men's rebounding was bad, at one point BSU was outrebounding ISU 21-10, the women can't rebound at all.

ISU has 3 straight wins over Ball State.

Good crowd there for ISU, lots of blue in the video background


The All-MVC Level
ISU down 73-61, 2 min. left, 4th straight loss for the women, only one reason they lost this game.....rebounding, I watched the game on BSU's video and BSU had so many offensive rebounds it was sickening. The women are going to be as bad as the men if they keep this trend up.

Shooting % is way down too. Lots of missed shots.

now 2-6 on the year, the games vs. EIU and Kansas State next weekend will not be easy. ISU could potentially be 2-8, how long has it been since they had that kind of record? It's just a bad year for ISU basketball, men or women.


The Sycamore Level
We are a better team than how we are playing right now. Our rebounding and shot selection must improve in order for this team to succeed. I know they have been working hard on the rebounding part in practice, so perhaps w/ time that will improve. With the girls on break I imagine our shooting will improve as well since they can get some extra work in. I thought we played mentally tired tonight....perhaps that was due to excuses, I am sure BSU had finals as well! For some reason in a lot of girls games I go to, they think blocking out means just where you are standing, and not out "head-hunting" and moving to find someone to put a body on. Most of the time it looks like we are watching the ball with the opposition just coming right in untouched and getting the offensive rebounds.


The All-MVC Level
"Ball State out rebounded Indiana State 48-to-28."

I'd guess the women's coach had better work on getting the girls to rebound a bit more. That is one glaringly bad statistic