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Sugar-coating time is over for the Lady Sycamores. There is not much heart & this is not a very good team, as compared to the last 5-6 years. Hope the new recruits bring something to the table for next year?


The White Level
Not a very good team? I wasn't at the game yesterday but talked to someone who was and they said the team that played their hearts out at Vanderbilt is still there but there is more to the complete picture than what shows on the court. Something must have gone really,realy wrong somewhere and I think it is up to the coaching staff to figure out where it lies and fix it fast. I have noticed at the games I am able to see that when we are winning and our shooting percentage is high, the coaches along with the players are high-fiving each other and all is fine as it should be. But when things go south and these girls need pumped up they are being screamed at and if that fails then the coaches just look at each other and the coaching stops. It seems like the players are scared to make a move and if we are down say 2-3 minutes left in the game by 5 or more you can just see the momentum swithching to the other team and the coaching just stops. I wish I was wrong but that is how I see it. These kids are here to play the game but it is up to the coach and staff to keep their heads up and motivated. If the coaching staff is giving up, why should the players play any different? This conference tournament is up for grabs in St. Charles this year, no one team is that much better than another, so I sure hope both coaches and players can get on the same page really fast.