ISU at Detroit

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The All-MVC Level
the women's game is free for viewing tonight on the Horizon League's TV network, it's free and has VERY good video quality. Hopefully the women can pick up a win against Detroit, it won't be easy as they just beat #23 Georgia.

game is at 7pm (EST)

free video link

you do need to register though, but it is free.


The All-MVC Level
it seemed to work pretty well for me, anyway, ISU wins 74-60, so good to get that 1st win. And Detroit had just beaten #23 Georgia, so this is a good win for ISU.

live stats did not work, but it sure looked like Detroit was getting ALOT of offensive rebounds.

True Blue

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It worked a little better in the second half. Detroit got some offensive rebounds late but we out-rebounded them for the game 37-32.

Great win for our young team.


The picture quality was excellent but it froze a lot; couldn't hardly watch it? I have Verizon DSL & thought it would be o.k. as I have been able to watch some of those Horizon games in the past years when I still had dial-up? My connection seems fine with other video feeds like channelsurfing, etc.