ISU at Drake

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women down in the 1st half 18-10, the Drake video is terrible. keeps refreshing.

well, at least ISU baseball is up 2-1 on #2 Ole Miss.
women lose at Drake, now 6-9 in the MVC and heading to CU on Sunday. CU in overtime with Illinois State on tv right now.

Angela Phillips had 23 points, but ISU shot only 33% from the field.
First chance for a neutral site tourney and the Sycamore team going down there will be one and done. Too much progress (from the league), too late for the Sycamores.

I really don't think so. I do think we will be playing on Thursday because Creighton will be too tough tomorrow after defeating Illinois State in overtime yesterday. I say we win Thursday:sycamores: and Friday at a neutral site and who knows what will happen on Saturday?

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I'm thinking you are wearing bold rose-colored glasses. There is no T-E-A-M in the Sycamore bunch and they won't beat anyone in the league.
I don't think it was a T-E-A-M problem but an off shooting night. When in the 1st half you are 5 for 30 from the field you are not going to win many games. It seems by looking at the box scores there are 3 players or more every game in double figures. Last night freshman Cooley scored in double digits. We lost the 1st half bad and were too far behind to get back in although towards the end we were within 6 a couple of times after a 20+ deficit. If anything I take a positive from that because the way we have played in the past of blowing leads this is a step in the right direction that they showed some heart and were fighting to get back in it. I will keep my bold rose-colored glasses on until after the tournament. Look what has happened in the past to the play-in-round teams.