ISU at Eastern Michigan

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Well, let's see........................if you were a prognosticator who did very little actual research on the teams involved where would you put the spread that is no doubt based solely on the records & results of the last three seasons? Probably looks like a blow-out on paper? They have no idea that things are changing in Terre Haute; how quickly remains to be seen. I hope the Eastern Michigan players and fans read & believe this line and they probably will as they are one of the weakest teams in the MAC (again on paper) and have very little chance of ever being favored to blow out anyone. Could be the EMU players and fans forget to show up for this one?

agreed Blue, and ya know ISU did beat Eastern Michigan at Eastern Michigan in 2001, so ya never know, that's why they play the games I suppose. Hopefully they will look past ISU and the Sycamores can give them a game.
Out of curiosity?

Does anybody know how much Michigan was favored by over App State?

Bottom line, this is good for us and not them.
Charleston Southern is supposed to do a half point better against Miami Flor. than Indiana St. against Eastern Michigan? I like the Sycamores to at least keep the game within a couple of touchdowns. Maybe that's wishful thinking with such a young and inexperienced team, but I sure hope we're better than that.

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Its the average

It is not uncommon, especially with first week FCS v. FBS, to set the spread at the underdog's previous year average loss margin. If you do the math, ISU lost by an average of 38 points last year, so those setting the line that really don't follow FCS or have FCS data to play with, default to that number.

I guess it makes a certain amount of mathmatical sense...if they lost by an average of 38 points overall playing tough FCS teams, then playing a lower tier FBS team means about the same thing and they set it as such.

After that, the money starts coming in and the line will adjust accordingly.
it seems like EMU has had about the same success rate in the MAC West that ISU has had in the Gateway the past several years. EMU hasn't had a winning season since 1995 and have lost 2 of their last 3 games against I-AA teams. They did beat Howard in 2007, but lost to Eastern Illinois in 2004 and Western Illinois in 2003.

I know this is now and that was then, but hopefully ISU can give them a good game none the less. Just 2 and a half weeks till game time, hard to believe.

EMU history
Who is making the trip to Eastern Michigan? It will be an exciting game win or lose with the beginning of the Trent Miles era. The man and his staff have been very impressive at the practices I have attended. This team works hard and deserves our support!! The program is headed in a positive direction and I am extremely excited for some foozball!!

See my "Ypsilanti Roll Call" post. I'll be there, and some alum are getting together friday morn after the game to play golf. Let me know if you want in.
just one more week

ok, one more week till gametime, anyone care to make predictions?

I honestly don't think ISU will win, but just hope they are competitive and the defense shows it's not going to give up 50+ points a game this season.

I'll say

EMU 31
ISU 21

prove me wrong ISU. Those who go will have to let us know what they think of the "new" ISU.

Hopefully the game is on a webcast somewhere, I did see it's going to be on radio.

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only 4 more days folks, can't wait to see how this team opens up the new season. Hopefully ISU fans are more excited about this season?

A couple preview articles:

Trib Star

an article about Nate Brown, who grew up near EMU and this game will be sort of a homecoming for him.


neither EMU nor ISU getting much respect for their game per this MAC review:

WORST NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: Ball State. Again, it's all relative. But the Cardinals play just one "Big Six" team (Indiana, which they can beat), a I-AA program (Northeastern), a team making the transition to I-A (Western Kentucky) and Navy (Ball State beat the Middies 34-31 in OT last season). It's easy to pick the worst non-conference game: If Indiana State plays at Eastern Michigan and no one is there to watch it, will the game really have happened? We'll find out Aug. 28, when the Sycamores visit the Eagles. Indiana State is 1-32 in the past three seasons, and EMU has had one winning record (1995) since 1990. You know what this means: All fans in attendance must wear paper bags over their heads.

article link
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All fans in attendance must wear paper bags over their heads.[/B]

article link
Bwah hahaha

Say what you will...but that's funny right there...reminds me of the times when I was one of few hardcore bengals fans during the 1 or 2 win season awhile ago...paper bags all OVER the stadium.
Dowdell to start??

is Dowdell going to start then? According to the depth chart (now posted), it lists Dowdell 1st, but then again, the listing is in numerical order for the QB's. Anyone know?

ISU pregame release
(depth chart is on page 7)
my goodness, the line on the ISU - EMU game changed, EMU is now a 40 point favorite. Surely there is no way ISU loses by that much??!! Almost game day! Let's see the "new" ISU!

game line
ISU and the points ;)

Guessing they lose by 3-4 TDs unless something gets crazy. Way too young and we're talking FBS, albeit lowest of the lows according to CBSSportsline's top 120.

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I'm right there with you IndyTreeFan. When I saw the 40 point post, my gut feel was "they may score 40 but I would like to think we would score 20"? My "feel" is based on absolutely no logic whatsoever!

good lord, I sure hope this game gets off to a better start for ISU than this radio broadcast is, this is pathetic!
well, crap, ISU returns the opening kickoff for a TD and it's called back on holding, ugh! so close for ISU.