ISU at Illinois State 1/19

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The Odum Level
looks like a really good game so far. Indiana State up by one in the 2nd half.

11:00 to go, this would really be a great road win should ISU blue pull it off!



The White Level
I was at the game and for the most part the team played their hearts out. The best game I have seen them play in a long time. ISU red is a very,very good team. We were with them most of the game. To be that close at their place with 3000+ fans says alot about our composure. I think the problem with this team is while most are playing their hearts out there still are a few who are lacking the intensity and desire to bring it every game. We need all 5 out on the court to be giving 100% and not wait for someone to come off the bench to bring that needed spark. It takes alot of desire and alot of heart to play this game and we were oh so close to a team that is 15-1. We can win many more games but it takes everyone out there to contribute.