ISU at Northern Illinois


The Odum Level
Northern Illinois lost to Maine Friday (Maine, sorry, not a BB powerhouse if you ask me), then barely beat a deplorable Western Illinois team today.

I will be really disappointed if ISU loses this game on Tuesday night. NIU is pretty young too, so it'll be two young teams playing, but I feel ISU has the advantage w/ it's players.

and besides, we need redemption for their FB team beating up on ours earlier in the season.
I agree that this is one we should win. I don't agree however that it is a "make or break" game for the season. Hopefully, this year's team will be quick enough to learn how to perform on the road and get this first road win right away rather than stumble, stumble, stumble like last year.


Hopefully we will give you a good game.Maybe even sneak out a win!We went one and one in a real weak tournament! Hopefully this team will jell by conference time hope you have a great year starting wed..


The Odum Level
The basketball team kept the bragging rights even in my house last year (my wife is an NIU alum) and I'm counting on them to do it again this season.


The Odum Level
it's hard telling given the bad luck we've had listening/watching online for the 2 exhibition games.

Maybe NIUFAN99 can give us a link to the NIU radio broadcast???

Any idea if this one will be on SycamoreVision or not? If not, I know its on the Crock.


The Varsity Level
Like I've been discussing with my friend here at work, I think we should win this one. My only thing is that they have 2 games under their belts and it's our first. We have a very young team playing their first real game of the year on the road. Here's to the Syc's getting one tonight.....Syc's by 5.


The Menser Level
Awww crap. I just paid the $6.95 to watch it on the NU site. Oh well, still cheap....and worth it to watch my alma mater from 3,000 miles away.


The Odum Level
ugly start, down 14-4, ISU turning the ball over dang near every time down the court. NIU shooting alot of 3's and hitting them, ISU not playing good perimeter defense.

IU up 3 on IUPUI, about 7 to go