ISU & becoming a mid major power

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The Wade Level
Well the upcoming season is fastly approaching and not a moment to soon. There is alot of excitement brewing with Coach McKenna and a young bunch of talent on the current team. The Trees have showen the ability to pull the major upsets the past few years with big wins over Indiana,Purdue,Butler and Southern Illinois. When the Hulman Center is buzzing with a good crowd good things have happened for the mens basketball program. Over the past few years we have seen mid majors become top 25 ranked teams and become serouis national players in the NCAA tourny. The recent success of the likes of Butler,SIU,Wichita State,Bradley,Xavier, Creighton and Gonzaga. With the large amount of talent in Indiana and the Midwest in general there is no reason ISU can't become a serouis annual mid major power. The MVC is currently enjoying a huge national media following and finaly getting the respect it has deserved for years. This is the time for a bright new Era in Terre Haute. Coack McKenna come from a rival program that has had major success over the past several years and brings a style of play that kids these days want to play in and can succed. Our assistants on this staff is ver solid and Greg Lansing is quickly becoming popular around the Midwest as one of the top young talents on the sidelines.

The makings are here for a very bright and exciting future for the mens program and you'll want to be a proud supporter of thier cause. If you aren't already a season ticket holder then get out thee and signup. There is several levels of season tickets available and if you have kids get them involved in the "McKenna's Kids" program where they can get season tickets in the upper level for ONLY $10. These kids play inspiring ball when they HC is "buzzing" and thier are Tree fans in the seats. Do your part!