ISU FB Coverage: Indianapolis (area)

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The Blue Level
anyone else notice what little coverage ISU football receives in the greater Indy area? Very little coverage in the Indy Star, very little, if any/or ever, on the local 1070 the fan radio show(s). ISU is perhaps the poorest performer in all levels of college football and the local media doesn't even throw out a joke.
when i attended ISU the football program was weak but they managed to muster a bit of coverage

any insight? not even a little box inside the sports page to show the next game or opponent


The Odum Level
this has been going on for years, so is no surprise. The Indy Star is pretty limited as to what they can cover and have even cut back on it's coverage of IU and PU in recent years.

Every sports team in Indiana (HS, College, Pro, etc...) wants coverage in the Star, but when you only have so much space you have to try to please everyone, and with ISU not being a major force in college sports more recently they're not going to get the coverage. Now maybe if they start winning more often they may get more coverage, or of course, when they beat IU, Purdue, and Butler in basketball they'll get more coverage.

Don't hold your breath for more coverage though, bec. it won't happen anytime soon.


The All-MVC Level
JMV et al.

I think JMV is from Greene County and went to ISU....and 1070 was just having a field day making fun of ISU on Sunday morning when I was driving back to Indy from homecoming a couple of weeks ago. I was so mad I almost called in but what could I say?